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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What I can do to avoid scammers?

    Be Sure the Supplier is Reliable1. Verify the supplier's identity. For Gold Suppliers, refer to the A&V or Onsite Check information. Use other offline and online methods to verify the supplier's details.2. Check your Gold Supplier is a longstanding member. While Gold Supplier membership is not a guarantee of safety, they have passed an A&V process that increases the chances of a safe trading experience. Take extra care trading with Free Members - they haven't been verified in any way by Communication1. Send inquiries to suppliers on Oral agreements made over the phone may be denied by some suppliers.2. Check your sent inquiries match the suppliers who reply. Be sure you are dealing with the same supplier - check their company information matches the company you contacted.Use Trade Assurance Service1. Use Trade Assurance service to get your trade well protected. 2. Contact suppliers on TradeManager for exact bank account details before payment - make sure you pay the right person or company. 3. Inspect the order before making full payment.Check Quality and Quantity FirstAfter you confirm your order is correct, it's ok to sign for it. This can be done when the goods are still under the charge of a third party, such as customs or delivery agencies.If you have any issues with your suppliers or order, submit your complaint as soon as possible.

    How to design website?

    May I know that are you a free member or a Gold Supplier(paid member) on you're a free member, we're afraid you can't get access to the page to design the website. If you're a Gold supplier, here is a video for you to learn how to customize your website in details, please click this to learn more. Or you can contact our customer service team for gold suppliers at:

    How to batch send inquiries to suppliers ?

    Please take below steps:1. Add the product to "Favorites" by clicking on "Add to Compare" under product picture as below:2. Go to "My Favorites" and select the products you want to enquire then click "Contact Suppliers":3. Then type the inquire content and send the inquiry in the next page.

    How to manage photo bank?

    Photo Bank enables you to store photos for future use in displaying products on If you delete the photos in the photo bank, which have already been used in "Product Details" section, they will not be shown.2. If you delete the photos in the photo bank, which have already been used in "Product Photo" section, they will still be shown.Groups in Photo BankPhoto Bank allows you to arrange photos in various groups, which will save your time in uploading suitable photos for different products.You could click "+" to add groups and when you put the mouse on the group name, the edit and delete icon will be shown.Note:1. In total, you can create up to 125,000 groups, which could be arranged in 3 vertical layers. Up to 50 sub-groups can be added to each group.2. Once a group is deleted, all sub-groups under it will also be deleted. All photos in the group, including those in the sub-groups will be moved to "Ungrouped Photos".Space in Photo BankFor free members, the default space in Photo Bank is 10M, and 5G for Gold Suppliers.Manage photos in Photo BankSelect the photo, you could change group for the photo, rename the photo, move the photo to trash etc.Note:1. You can delete up to 18 photos at one time.2. You can select “Not used in listings” in Photo Status to sort out those photos which have not been used for product listings.3. To search for a specific photo, enter the photo name in the search bar, select a group and click "Search".The photos will be in Trash for 7 days after you delete them in the photo bank. Within this time, you can still restore if needed. If you did not restore within 7 days after deletion, those photos will be automatically deleted.

    How to find Verified Suppliers?

    1)Filter Search of Search BarFind authenticated products that meet industry standards or certified suppliers immediately by searching "verified" or tick "Verified Supplier"in suppliers type on product list page.2) Premium OEM factoriesGet connected with high-performing manufacturers with strong customization capabilities, Top-ranking suppliers with certification and superior design services Source products with the best fit from suppliers who carry certifications required in your desired market and are equipped with innovative R&D staff who can cater to your needs.4)Specific criteria modulesFind products or suppliers with BSCI/RoHS certification, quality management system, complete on-site materials inspection, qualified R&D staff/design device/design processes, and global after-sales service support in the frontpage of app.5)Feeds-discoverGo to 'Feeds' on the app and look for posts under the 'Discover' tab that are tagged "Verified"More introductions about Verified Suppliers, please visit: addition, if you have found suppliers in China and want to learn more information and background about the suppliers, you could get supplier reports here. You may search the relevant supplier by their names and get the verified data you need to make better business decisions.

    How to filter Gold Supplier?

    You can filter your results to show only Gold Suppliers. In the search results page, simply tick 'Gold Supplier'above the product listings: Then all the products in your results will be from Gold Suppliers. You can see the number of years they have been Gold Suppliers on their icon.In addition, if you have found suppliers in China and want to learn more information and background about the suppliers, you could get supplier reports here. You may search the relevant supplier by their names and get the verified data you need to make better business decisions.

    How to check the Zip Code?

    You can check the postcode/zip code online by clicking here or using other online sites.

    How to manage conversations in Messenger?

    Pin to Top/Delete the conversationPlease slide the conversation to the left, then click "Pin" /"Delete" button.Mute notifications/Block the conversationPlease slide the conversation to the left, then click "。。。" — "Mute notifications" or "Block" button.Search messages or contactsYou could search the messages or contacts in the top search bar.

    How to access the Web Trade Messenger

    Web Trade Messenger allows you to instantly communicate with suppliers. You can view your entire chat history within the last 365 days. Web Trade Messenger is automatically launched when you click"Chat Now".

    How to become a Pro Buyer?

    We will adopt the method of directional invitation. If one of the following conditions is met, we will be able to obtain our invitation, which is subject to the invitation email received.By meeting one of the following conditions:1)Your online transactions on b2bv5,.com exceed $300,000 in the last 365 days.2)Your company's yearly revenue exceeds $1million.

    How to manage and organize conversations?

    You could manage and organize your conversations on both mobile app and web messenger:1. Pin to top / Mute / block / delete /archive the conversation 2. Search specific messages 3. Lable conversations 4. Quick filter

    How to recall messages in Messenger?

    If you send messages by mistake on messenger, you could recall the certain messages within 2 minutes of sending and re-edit.To recall the message, please long-press the message and click "Recall".

    How to renew my Gold Membership?

    To renew your Gold Membership, please contact our service team at you will be replied in 2 working days.

    How to apply for overdue compensation?

    For orders meeting the compensation conditions, the buyer can apply for overdue compensation on the order details page through the button "Apply for refund”, and chose the reason: Supplier didn't ship on time -- failed 7-Day Dispatch Guarantee (10% refund up to US $100). After the application is submitted, the system will automatically complete the overdue compensation.

    How to check the inspection result?

    After the inspection be completed, normally the inspection company issues an inspection report within 24 hours. Please follow below steps to check the inspection report:1. Go to My b2bv5 - All orders, find the order and click View More to go to order detail page.2. Find the Inspection Report under Product Inspection Service section. You could download or view the report online.

    How to use Brand Search Tool?

    You can directly enter a word and click on "search" button.

    How to manage my inquiries and RFQs?

    You can view your inquiries, RFQs, and quotations in Buying Leads page.

    How to change mini-site Address?

    Please be advised that free member's minisite can not be changed. If you are our Globle Gold Supplier member, to change your mini-site.

    How to get more accurate search results?

    When using the search bar, you can try the following Search Tips:1. If the results are unsatisfactory, reduce the number of words in your search (e.g., "bicycle framework" instead of "carbon bicycle frame work").2. Avoid keywords that are too specific or specialized (e.g., "4X4 Honda ATV").3. Only search for one product at a time.4. Don't include a country/region's name in your search (e.g., "shoe China"). Instead, select it in the “Refine Search” box.5. Don't include words like "buyer" or "seller" in your keyword phrase (e.g., "shoe buyer").6. Use quotation marks (" ") for exact results (e.g., "ac adapter").7. If the results are unsatisfactory, try again without quotation marks (e.g., ac adapter).Also, If you still cannot find what you want, please post a Buying Request.

    How to contact visitors of our minisite?

    Please be advised that free members could not proactively contact visitors of their minisite. If you are our gold supplier memeber, to learn whether there is a such function, you can contact our customer service team at :

    How to post a High Quality Product?

    Completion and professionalism are both important to post quality products.Product Name, Categories, Features, Pictures, Details, Trading Condition etc. all matter a lot for buyers’ purchase decision. They also influence your product and company ranking directly on b2bv5.1. Choose the right category. Avoid putting products under irrelative categories. Wrong categories bring less chance of products being searched and wasted the exposure opportunity.2. Pictures are very important for buyers. Research shows that buyers prefer high definition pictures of real products because they help them understand your products and make purchase decisions.3. A clear and nice layout helps attract buyers’ attention and trust. Detailed Description section should be displaying your products with not only text, but also pictures, charts, company capacity etc.4. Pictures stolen from other suppliers are strictly forbidden on b2bv5. It not only hurts buyers’ trust in you, but will also bring penalty to your account.5. Avoid repetition. Product Names such as “wedding dress, fashion wedding dress, design wedding dress” are considered as repetition and not good for product ranking or buyer preference.6. Focus promotion on competitive products.Based on exposure, clicks and transaction data, there is a comprehensive buyer preference mode that influences products ranking. The products that suit the market trend, with buyer preferred information displayed get more chances.

    How to check Trade Assurance order status?

    Go to "orders" > "All Orders" to check the order status on the order list page. You can also find the order status by going to the order details page.

    How to join b2bv5 Business Trust System?

    To join b2bv5 Business Trust System, you need to have your business profile information verified. Click here to the website and follow the guides to get verified.

    How to remove products in shopping cart?

    You could go to shopping cart and click delete button to remove the products as below:

    How does prevent scams?

    Providing a safe and secure environment for you to conduct business is our top priority and we are continuously improving our online security. Trade Assurance is a free service that helps to create trust between buyers and suppliers. Trade Assurance covers buyers with 100% order protection in the case of late shipment or quality issues with products. If there are any issues, you can open a case, and's professional resolution team will ensure a solution is reached.How does Trade Assurance protect my online transaction?How do I open a dispute for my Trade Assurance order?How to submit a complaint for offline order?

    How are suppliers recommended to buyers?

    We recommend suppliers who match the requirements from buyers. Suppliers can enhance their chances of being recommended by doing the following:a. Complete their business information, including: personal photo, personal profile, company logo, company profile.b. Increase the overall response level from buyers. If suppliers receive more views or inquiries from buyers; this will positively affect their recommendation frequency.c. More interactive: reply inquiries timely, quote actively, exchange business cards via Connections, and establish business partnerships, all of which will be beneficial in enhancing the chance to be recommended.

    How to apply for one-stop service?

    Buyers located in United States who choose to place an order with the 'one-stop service' logo can receive or initiate the service.


    How to submit a complaint for offline order?

    According to b2bv5 dispute rules, will only handle the complaint if the supplier fails to deliver products after payment or if the buyer refuses to pay after delivery. We will not handle complaints related to product conformity, damage, or shortage. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you make payments online via and add Trade Assurance to protect your payments and products.If you have encountered an offline scam of “Products Not Received after Payment” or “Payment not Received after Shipping”, please follow the steps below to make a claim:1. Sign into the Complaint Center with your b2bv5 account;2. Choose the Other Trade Dispute type and click Report;3. Fill the Respondent information, such as Email address, Member ID or Product URL, choose the scam type to continue.4. Fill out the complaint detail form and click Submit. Please pay attention to the accepted evidence formats and upload correct one, otherwise you may submit with failure.If you need to upload several files of the same type, please upload them in a zipped file. Please note that all uploaded information will be displayed for review by both parties involved. Please do not upload any information that you do not want the other party to see. Please upload files in .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rar, .zip, .jpeg(jpg), .gif, .xls, or .xlsx formats only.If you fail to submit the complaint, please check the error message pops up and here are some tips: 1. The attachment is oversize or the format is incorrect;-Please upload .zip attachments within 10MB or change the format to .doc, .docx, .eml,.msg, .pdf, .rar, .zip, .jpg, .gif, .xls, or .xlsx formats then upload.2. Your complaint content includes non-English characters;-Please try to copy and paste your content in text and copy the words back in the Complaint Center.3. The supplier does not exist;-Please check whether you used the supplier's minisite to submit the complaint. We suggest you use the product URL to submit the complaint.4. The page is frozen;-Please change a browser (Google Chrome and FireFox are recommended), clear the browser cookies or check your internet connection to have a try. If still not works, please contact our Customer Service Team.Note:Please be advised that is an information exchange platform only and the transaction was processed offline. We have no authority to impose compulsory sanction on any member. And if it is proved that the defendant should bear the responsibility for this trade dispute, then as punishment we will disable their account. This is the utmost can do for you.Related questions:What can I do if I failed to submit offline dispute?What can I do if I want to submit offline dispute but I don't know Member ID of the supplier?

    How to find suppliers of personal protective equipment? has created a curated list of suppliers of personal protective equipment to help you quickly find and purchase from high quality manufacturers. We’re working on adding more suppliers to the list as our team identifies them.How to identify suppliers on ●Gold supplier: Paid members that have been verified as businesses with commercial or industrial capabilities ●Verified supplier: Suppliers whose company profile, management system, production capabilities, product, and process controls have been assessed, certified, and/or inspected by third party institutions via online and offline means. ●Trade Assurance supplier: Suppliers who accept payment through also provides payment protection to buyers who pay through the platform.When you find a supplier with a product that meets your needs, you can either buy right away or contact the supplier for more information before purchasing.

    How to change shipping term from EXW to FOB for the ocean shipping order?

    Shipping terms cannot be changed once an ocean shipping order is placed. Please make sure you double check the Trade Term (incoterm) in your Trade Assurance contract with your supplier before placing an ocean logistics order with Freight. The trade term for your logistics order needs to match what is listed in your Trade Assurance contract/order.

    How to modify the key word in Trade Alert?

    To manage your Trade Alerts, like modifying the keywords, you may take the following steps:1) Sign in to My b2bv52) Go to "Account" and click "Email Service" to find Trade Alert. 3) Click"Settings", then you may change the keyword of your Trade Alert. You can add 10 keywords.

    How to clear cache for APP?

    Please follow below steps to clear cache for APP:1. Go to My b2bv5 - Settings page2. Click "Clear app cache" button

    How to delete Trade Assurance orders which be cancelled?

    Cancelled orders cannot be removed from your b2bv5 account currently.

    How to rank higher in buyers' searching result?

    Please be advised that ranking on is generated by the system automatically. There are many factors influencing product ranking, such as product listing quality and its accuracy, supplier quality and buyer preference etc. You may consider below tips to improve your ranking:A. Improve product quality:Besides text description, you are advised to insert chart, multi picture illustration, as well as trading details such as payment methods, minimum order and your trading reputation. All of these can be very good advantages to win customer’s trust and interest in trading with you.B. Improve your online activity:1) Give a detailed Company Profile: please try to fill in all sections in your Company Profile to better introduce your background, experience and capacity to buyers. You could also create Custom Page to present customized information of your company.2) Stay active in your b2bv5 account: please stay online with b2bv5 Trade Manager often and sign in your b2bv5 accounts regularly to check your messages and update your product postings when necessary.3) Provide prompt response to buyer’s query: please timely reply buyer inquiries you receive in your Messages & Contacts within 24 hours and messages you receive from your TradeManager within 1 hour. This will help to improve buyer’s satisfaction and also help improve your supplier quality as an active and willing supplier on Please pay attention to RFQs.RFQ (Request for Quotation) service is a customized sourcing service which aims to provide more matched inquiries by our industry specialists to high quality suppliers in a more efficient way.You may subscribe RFQ which you are interested at My b2bv5- RFQ- RFQ Subscriptions.You can subscribe up to 24 different keywords which you are interested in.You can also search RFQ hereRelated Question: Rules on Search Results Ranking

    How to check the status of the Inspection Service?

    After adding the inspection service, you could check the inspection status on order detail page by following below steps:1. Go to My b2bv5 - All orders, find the order and click View More to go to order detail page. You will find the inspection status under the "product inspection service" section. 2. Find the Inspection Status under Product Inspection Service section.

    How to complete the account verification before placing order?

    You will typically receive an email from that need you to complete the account verification. Please kindly check. Or you could directly go to to complete the verification.

    How to apply refund for value-added service?

    If you paid for value-added service using a credit card after making the initial payment for your Trade Assurance order, we will automatically refund the service fee to your paying card upon service cancellation. Refunds typically take around 7 working days, which depends on the processing speed of the issuing bank.If you paid for value-added service with the initial payment for your Trade Assurance order, the refund of service fee can be received through the following methods upon service cancellation: - If you have not completed payment for the Trade Assurance order, simply contact your supplier to modify the pending payment amount by deducting the service fee.- If you have completed payment for the Trade Assurance order, simply apply for a refund from your supplier.

    How to set auto-reply in the inquiries section?

    Unfortunately there is no auto-reply function available in the new Message Center.You can click Use Template and set up your own default reply, and send this yourself manually.

    how to enter the b2bv5 Online Trade Show main venue ?

    kindly suggested you can click this link to enter the main venue : Click

    How can I explain how a letter of credit works to my supplier?

    If your supplier is Chinese, you can direct them to this Q&A page detailing letter of credit operations.If you have any enquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    How can I upgrade to gold supplier membership?

    To upgrade to gold membership, please apply for b2bv5 Paid Serivces in this link: you have any questions regarding to upgrading, please contact our Service Center at or recommended) for further assistance.

    How do I return products to the supplier?

    For Trade Assurance orderFor offline orderFor Trade Assurance order:If you want to return the products, please choose "Yes, I want to return the goods" when you open the dispute.When creating a case, please select "yes, I want to return the goods." Once you have reached an agreement with your supplier, arrange the returning of the goods, and upload the return information within 15 days. If this is not done within 15 days the case will be canceled automatically. After you have uploaded the return information, and the seller has confirmed receipt, b2bv5 will arrange the payment within seven working days.Note: The return and refund process can not be cancelled or modified manually. Please confirm before reaching agreement.For offline order:You will need to contact your supplier directly to negotiate returning goods, including shipping costs and methods.How long does it take for me to receive the refund for Trade Assurance order?

    how to get the Product catalog on b2bv5 Online Trade Show?

    Exhibitor List 2.Live-broadcasting 3. Most popular exhibitors

    how to become a VIP buyer on b2bv5 online trade show ?

    You can click “register for vip access” on b2bv5 online trade show main venue to become a VIP buyer.APP:PC:

    How do I add an email to blacklist?

    If you do not want to receive emails from a supplier, please add his email address to the blacklist and system will block his email.Log in your account, go to Contacts, find the supplier to block and click 'Add to Blocklist'. And you will not receive his email any more.


    How to creat a product listing on my Store?

    In the "Pending Products" list,click "Post Product" to creat a product listing.

    How to check whether the payment of Trade Assurance Order is received?

    1. Go to Orders-All Orders, Click “View more” to go to the order details page.2. Click “Payment records”. If the actual received amount is more than 0, then your partial or full payment was received.

    How much should I pay to become Gold Supplier?

    There are several packages to become paid Gold Supplier. Click here to view more. Also, you can email for more info.

    How can I add products to my Inquiry Cart?

    If you are interested in a product on, go to the product detail page and click Add to Inquiry Cart, which is located below the product name.

    How can I add a company to my contacts?

    If you want to add a company to your contacts in Message Center, please find the member's message and click Add Contacts as below, then you will be able to find in your contact list.

    How do I add more information to my RFQs?

    For Approved RFQs which haven’t yet received quotations, simply place your cursor next to “Edit”, click “Add Details” in the drop down menu, add the detailed information and then submit as below:For Approved RFQSs which have already received quotations, click “Add Details” to add your detailed information as below:For pending RFQs, click on "Edit" or "Add Details" if you want to add more information as below:For rejected RFQs,click on "Edit" if you want to add more information as below:For closed RFQs, please click post again fist and add information accordingly. Notice: Each RFQ is only allowed to add information once through "Add Details"button.

    How do I add a product to My Favorites?

    In every product detail page, there is an“Add to Favorites”button. Pleaase click on it to add to "My Favorites"

    How do I bind security phone to my account?

    To bind phone number to your account and enable SMS verification, you need to complete the verification via email first. If you have no access to current registered email address: seek help from Customer Service Team.If you have access to your account:1. Go to My Account, click Enter Mobile Number. and enter the phone number. Follow the guides to finish binding.2. C

    How to participate 'On-Time Delivery Guaranteed' promotion during March Expo?

    From March 1, 2021, 00:00:00 (PST) until March 31, 2021, 23:59:59 (PDT), if you purchase specific products on the designated webpage and has chosen the Selected Logistics Partner, such product should be dispatched to you within the estimated delivery time after payment has been completed successfully within 7 days of placing the order. If the product are not dispatched within the estimated delivery time (as evidenced by the logistics records on the website), you may apply for Compensation.

    How long will it take to get the overdue compensation?

    The system will complete the overdue compensation after the application is submitted successfully. Customer could check progress on refund detail page. After the system completes overdue compensation:Credit Card/Debit Card/Apple payer needs 10 business days to receive it;Online transfer payer needs 3-5 business days to receive it( it depends on bank).

    How can I send message to multiple prospective business partners?

    There are two ways to contact different suppliers at the same time.First, use the Inquiry Cart.1. On Wholesaler product detail page, you can find "Add to My Cart"2. Select your favourite product and click Add to your Inquiry Cart.3. Click on the Inquiry Cart at the right of the page and contact the supplier when you are ready.Second, use the Compare function1. Choose the product you are interested in and click the Compare button.2. Click the Compare button after you have chosen more than one product3. After you have compared the products, select the suppliers you want to contact and click theContact Supplier button at the bottom of the page to send your inquiry to all of the selected suppliers at the same time.

    How do unbind my email to a previously closed account?

    Currently this function is not available.

    How many inquiries can I add to the Inquiry Cart?

    You can add a maximum of 20 inquiries to the Inquiry Cart.

    How do I add two email addresses to my account?

    If you want to add another email address with your account, you could follow below steps and add it as Alternative Email. 1. Go to My Account - Member Profile.Click Edit and set your Alternative Email Address.Important:Only your registered email address can be used to sign in to your account.

    How do I add the inspection service to my order?

    Step 1: Place an order for the Inspection ServiceCurrently, the inspection service can only be added to a Trade Assurance order. There are several methods to add an inspection to your order.Method 1: Ask the supplier to add the service when they draft the Trade Assurance order.Method 2: The buyer can also add the inspection service when the Trade Assurance order is being drafted on the order management page.Method 3: Before shipment, the buyer can also add the service on the order details page, and pay the inspection fee separately. You will need to obtain agreement from the supplier, and book the service at least seven working days before shipment.After the inspection order has been placed, you can check the inspector's contact information, and follow the status of the inspection on your order details page.Step 2: Make your paymentStep 3: Check the statusYou can check the status of your Inspection Service by finding your order in “My orders”.Step 4: Check the reportAfter the Inspection Service has been completed, a report will be generated and should be available for your review on the Trade Assurance order details page within one to two business days.To find the report, go to "All orders," click "View more," and go to the "Product Inspection Service" section. You can download the report, or view it online.Step 5: Leave feedback Go to “My orders” to find the order, then under the “Product Inspection Service” section, click “Service Review”.Notes:1.Please make sure to book the Service and complete your payment at least seven working days before the shipment date of your Trade Assurance order.2.If you need more information about the inspection service, please email .

    How to check supplier's beneficiary bank account when paying via T/T?

    Follow the steps below to check supplier's beneficiary bank account when paying via T/T for Trade Assurance order. 1. Go to Orders-All ordersto the order list page, find the order and click 'Send initial payment/pay the balance' to the payment detail page directly. 2. On the Checkout page, please select 'Wire Transfer-T/T' and the beneficiary bank account type (Internation transfer in USD or Domestic transfer in local currency), then click 'View Account Information' to check the beneficiary bank account information which is designated by You will NOT be protected under Trade Assurance service unless wire to the designated bank account on the payment page.

    What can I do if I have been scammed?

    If there is trade dispute, please contact supplier for solution first. If it does not work, you can submit dispute to negotiate with supplier further. If still no agreement reached, b2bv5 dispute team will step in to help handle it after case escalation.Based on your order types, there are two kinds of dispute on currently: 1) Trade Assurance Order Dispute;2) Offline Trade Dispute;How do I open a dispute for my Trade Assurance order?How to submit a complaint for offline order?

    How can I change the product price to my local currency?

    Please follow below steps to change the product price from US dollar to other currencies:1. Go to Click English-USD button and choose the currency you prefer to view, then click Save.

    How can I forward DropShipping product information to my online store?

    Here're three ways for you to forward DropShipping product information to your online store.Way one: Through your ISV accountStep1: Install b2bv5dropshipping plugin in your Woocommerce account and authorize to log in b2bv5.xyzStep 2: Go to and find the products you want to forward to your store and click 'Add to Import List'Step3: Find the product in Import List and click ' Push to Store'. Products will be displayed in both of your Store and DropShipping workbench.Step4: Consumers place order in your store-> Order information flow to your work bench with status 'Pending Payment'-> Order Payment -> Shipping Information flow to your workbench after order dispatch-> Order information flow to consumer's order detail page. ( Estimated launch time is by July)Way two: connect your ISV account with b2bv5 accountStep1: Register an account in ISV and authorize to b2bv5.xyzStep 2:Find product in DropShipping and click Import to add information to ISVStep 3: Edit product information in ISV Step 4: Click Push to show product information in your store, like ShopifyWay Three: through PlatformStep 1: Connect your store with AccountStep 2: Go to and find the products you want to forward to your store and click 'Add to Import List'Step3: Find the product in Import List and click ' Push to Store'. Products will be displayed in both of your Store and DropShipping workbench.Step4: Consumers place order in your store-> Order information flow to your work bench with status 'Pending Payment'-> Order Payment -> Shipping Information flow to your workbench after order dispatch-> Order information flow to consumer's order detail page. ( Estimated launch time is by July)

    How to prevent losses from foreign exchange rate via T/T payment for Trade Assurance order?

    To avoid any potential exchange loss during payment via International wire transfer, we strongly suggest you pay out by USD currency, and require your bank to confirm beneficiary bank's final receipt currency as USD. You will also find the notification on the Checkout page as below:

    How do you login to with your mobile number?

    To login to with your mobile number, you must first add your mobile number to your account. Please click here to learn how to bind your account with your mobile number.If you have bound mobile number, please follow the below steps to open mobile login function.1. Login to your b2bv5 account at www.b2bv5.xyz2. Click【My b2bv5】—【Account】—【Activate Mobile Number Sign in】Tips:If your mobile number is tied to another b2bv5 Group account, it cannot be used as a login number for your account. Please provide another number.Only one account can be tied to a mobile number. If your number is already in use, it must be released from another account before you can use it to login.

    How do I know whether to use Air Freight or Ocean Freight?

    The two main factors to consider when deciding to ship via air vs. ocean are Transit Time & Price: 1. Transit Time: a. Air shipping is much faster than ocean shipping. If the goods are time-sensitive, the buyer should ship via air. b. However, note that for heavy weight/volume goods, air shipping will be much pricier. 2. Price: a. Three key factors to determine if air is the best shipping method based on price: i. volume of shipment. ii. weight of shipment. iii. value of shipment. b. The best goods to be shipped by air = high value + low volume + low weight. 3. Bonus factor: Reliability. a. Shipping by air provides better air freight tracking by leveraging air freight data movement. What types of goods are commonly shipped by air freight? a. Electronics, apparel, pharmaceuticals, sample orders.

    How does TT work?

    A telegraphic transfer (T/T), or wire transfer, is an electronic method of transferring funds utilized primarily for overseas wire transactions.Please click here to learn more details about T/T, Please click here for instructions on how to make a payment for Trade Assurance order via T/T.

    How to get the discount of '20% off Third-Party Inspection Service Fees' promotion during March Expo?

    The member who place Trade Assurance order and add the third party inspection service during March Expo promotion (from March 1, 2021, 00:00:00 (PST) shall be entitled to 20% off inspection service fees on the The Promotion is limited up to the first 2,400 inspection service orders during the promotion period.

    How do I access to the multi-language sites of

    To go to the multi-language sites of, follow the steps below. Go to landing page and on the upper right corner, hover the mouse on 'English' and set it into other languages.Also, you can go to the bottom of this page and click multi-language to go to the corresponding site.

    How do I use Payment Terms to pay for my orders?

    Once you have qualified for a purchasing limit under this program, you can enter into a contract with any participating supplier, and request to pay with Payment Terms. Depending on your agreement with suppliers, there may be a deposit due when you place the order – typically around 30% – which you can pay using any of the payment options available on Once you receive the invoice, you will have 60 days to pay the remaining balance. You can manage this in the Payment Terms dashboard within your account.

    How do I contact buyers?

    Only Gold Suppliers can contact buyers directly on If you are Gold Supplier, contact buyers as follows:Method 1: Go to RFQ market, find the RFQ preferred and click 'Quote Now' to send your quotation to the new buyer.Method 2: If buyer has replied to your quotation, you can check his response in Message Centerand contact him.

    How do I block contacts?

    Please follow below steps to block contacts in My Contacts.1. Go to Cutomer-My Contacts.2. Select the contact you want to block, then click "Add to Blocklist"

    How do I send inquiry?

    Please follow below steps to send inquiry for interested products:1. Click Contact Supplier button on the product detail page2. Specify the information which you want to check, such as product price, shipping cost, delivery time etc. Then click Send inquiry now.

    How do I delete my contacts

    Delete contacts with laptopDelete contacts on APPTo delete your contacts with laptop: 1. Sign into Contacts - My Contacts.2. Select the one you want to delete and move to Contact added button, when it shows Delete as Contact as below, just click and delete the contact.To delete your contacts on APP:1. Go to Messenger - Contacts2. Choose the contact you want to delete, go to the contact detail page and click "..." on top right corner, then you could delete the contact by clicking "Delete" button.

    How do I contact suppliers?

    Once you’ve created a short list of suppliers who you may want to work with, it’s time to reach out. It may sound simple enough, but this is an important part of the process. It’s where you need to show you’re ready to do serious business, and it’s where you make sure you find a supplier you can trust.There are several methods to contact the suppliers.Method 1: Contact supplier on Search List pageYou could click "contact supplier" button to send an inquiry to the supplier through email or you could click "Chat Now" to start chatting with the supplier in real time (Leave messages if the supplier is offline).Method 2: Contact supplier on Product Detail pageMethod 3: Contact supplier on Minisite pageClick the supplier's company name to its minisite, click Contacts to check its contact info.In your first message, you should always do 3 things:1.Demonstrate that you are a serious buyer with a legitimate businessTo demonstrate that you’re a serious buyer, introduce yourself and describe your business. Also make sure you’ve completed your profile and have a professional email address for your business. 2.Describe in detail the product you want to sourceProvide detailed information about the product you want to source, including:●Specifications ●Packaging●Any other critical points (safety, branding, etc.) ●Photos3.Ask questions to determine if the supplier is a good fit for your businessBe specific and ask questions to help narrow the field, including:●Price per certain order volumes●Obtain copies of certifications (FDA, CE/Europe and China standards)●Available units/stock ●Shipment origin●Obtain shipment dimensions and weightIn the Messages under My b2bv5 on the top menu, you will be able to keep track of conversations with different suppliers. If you’re on our mobile app, you can also make use of our real-time translation feature and video chat feature (available between US-based buyers and China-based suppliers) to make your communication easier.

    How long does it take for me to receive the refund for Trade Assurance order? generally processes payments within 3 working days once an agreement has been reached. The time it takes for the payment to reach your account depends on your payment method: Note:i. Remote locations may take longer to process the refund.ii. Refunds for payments made using Pay Later will be applied as payments to outstanding loan(s).

    I want to list multiple products in my RFQ. How can I do so?

    RFQs can only be used for one product at a time. If you want to buy multiple products, please simply post a RFQ for each product.

    How can I talk directly to the agent working on my Production Monitoring & Inspection order?

    Production Monitoring service: Email with your Trade Assurance order number.Inspection service: Email with your Trade Assurance order number.

    How do I set up price after I add the DropShipping product to my import list?

    Step 1:Dropshipper can set up price in their online store per their decision. Entrance can be found at Settings -> Pricing Rules under DropShipping pavilion.Step2:Updated price can be checked at Import List - > Varients. You may edit price per SKU or all products manually. Step3:Shipping fee will be updated as well if you choose another shipping route.Kindly be noted that you will need to complete the settings in your computer.

    How do I find my contacts?

    You may log into My Contacts directly or go to My b2bv5 - Contacts - My Contacts as below to manage your contacts.

    How do I search for buyers?

    To search for buyers on, you could search the related RFQs about your products, find the appropriate RFQ and click Quote Now to send quotations to buyers if you are qualified.

    How do I cancel my  membership?

    If you deactivate/cancel/delete your account, you will lose all of your contacts and messages on you still want to close your account, please sign into My Account -Member Profile, then click "Deactivate Account" , fill out the deactivation form to cancel account. It will take effect immediately.After submitting the cancellation application, your info will be removed from in 24 hours.If you have forgotten your password, click here to retrieve it.

    How can I delete an RFQ?

    RFQ cannot be deleted but can be closed, if you do not want to get any quotations for your RFQ, please go to Buying Leads page - My RFQs to close your Buying Request.

    How do I post an RFQ?

    An RFQ (Buying Request) is a purchase request posted by a buyer to request quotes from suppliers. You can post all detailed information of the product wanted in a buying request, and there's high possibility that the supplier quotes you the exact items you wanted. b2bv5 also has one-to-one industry specialists to match your request with the supplier, and review quotations before sending to buyers. And it is time saving compared to you searching products directly.Please click here to post your RFQ.Upon posting, suppliers will be able to view and respond to your RFQ and you can check their quotations in the RFQ section in My b2bv5.

    How is the monthly fee calculated?

    Monthly fee rates vary between 0.25% - 2.75% based on the creditworthiness of the business and the business information collected from accounts linked to the application. On a 6-month term, the monthly fee rate will range between 1.25% – 2.75% (per month) for the first 2 months and will drop to 0.25% - 0.75% (per month) for the last 4 months of the term. The monthly fee will equal to the principal loan amount multiplied by the monthly fee rate. Monthly fees are charged each month that you have a balance on a particular loan. Based on the monthly fee ranges, APRs for Kabbage loans under the Pay Later program will be under 30%.

    How do I access My Favorites?

    To sign into My Favorite, you can click here to connect "My Favorites", or please follow below steps:1. Sign in My b2bv5;2.Find Buy>My Lists>My Favorites;Besides the above method,you can also hover your mouse over the My b2bv5 tab on top of the homepage and click My Favorites as below: